Application of AI for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Artificial intelligence or AI is not just a robot or an exciting tale based on science-fiction, it has become a pervading technology in today’s digital landscape. AI is reshaping the life of people and operations of various industries including smart devices, digital marketing, self-driving cars, health, cybersecurity, investment and many more. AI is now extensively used for SEO and helping people to obtain required information and reliable data on the internet.

The SEO medium faced innumerable strategic changes over the last few years with new revolutionary intelligent algorithms and with the ever-adapting process to improve user experience. Artificial Intelligence is now one of the biggest trends in digital marketing and will be a way of life in the coming years. Marketers now agree that it is now extremely difficult to outsmart Google algorithms, and SEO is now focused on concept-based content and powerful content strategy, along with optimization of Meta tags.

All this is happening due to the emergence of Artificial Intelligence that uses advanced machine learning algorithms. The algorithms identify the patterns and the forest of data on cyberspace and leveraging the AI technology in SEO can allow you to gather accurate, real-time data. It can help you to evaluate the quality of the existing content, plan customer segments for the targeted markets, streamline commercial campaigns, etc.

Here in the following paragraphs, you can find how AI is going to change the fate and face of digital marketing.

There will be better content created by AI :

Google is wonderfully capable of processing billions of search queries in a day and uses a magnificent artificial algorithm, Rankbrain, for processing the queries. It is possible for Google to find and to display the direct results to the search queries performed within a second. AI can be wonderful in helping businesses to win the race of ranking and it can assist the internet users to find accurate and relevant results.

AI can help to optimize the content strategy :

With the improved capability of Machine Learning, it is now possible for AI to help search engines to comprehend the visual content also. Web browsers can now perform searches with voice commands and understand the images and videos better with a clear understanding of languages. It is driving the businesses to create and implement robust CMS that can easily get aligned with the visual content and the voice search.

Search marketers can become more productive with AI :

It is getting difficult to become productive and to get optimum results from digital marketing and it is also becoming difficult to improve brand visibility. Cluttered cyberspace with countless portals is making it very difficult to identify the search trends that can improve sales. The problems multiply as the marketers want to generate additional campaigns of marketing channels, and AI can prove to be the best help for SEO under such circumstances.

AI creates stronger analytics and reporting :

AI can unleash the true potential of real-time analytics and it is one of the biggest benefits that AI can offer to digital marketing. Advanced analytics solutions based on AI can offer an amalgamation of technologies, infrastructures, reporting paradigms. All these analytics can help you measure website traffic, perform comprehensive visual analysis, gather insight about the visitors, develop a buyer persona, generate accurate custom reports, and many more.

Written by:

Himanshu Bahmani

Founder - NeenOpal Analytics


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