Learn all about how agile, on-demand talent in is the future, its benefits and how companies should strategize to derive maximum value out of this trend

A major sign of true economic development is the availability and accessibility of resources when and where it is needed. This pertains not only to the finished products or services provided by a company but also the raw materials required. Of late, this has started to apply to human resources too. Gone are the days when a company would hire people for its static, self-contained workforce.

Workplaces are shifting from an institution-bound, inward-fed talent pool to a mutable, on-demand one. This is quite evident from the rise in freelancing, contractual work, and consultancy services. While this gig economy structure was long coming in the corporate world, it was rushed by the onslaught of the corona pandemic. The need for quarantine pushed workers into their homes.

But the economy waits for none. So, companies rushed to adapt. They quickly adopted the agile workforce culture and were pleasantly surprised by its profitability and viability. Needless to say, workplaces would not give up their agility even after the COVID-19 crisis is resolved.