NeenOpal Inc. Receives Clutch Award for Top Diversity & Inclusion Consulting Firms


The method of predicting future revenue is sales forecasting. Accurate revenue forecasts enable businesses to make informed business decisions and predict success in the short and long term. Companies will base their predictions on revenue data from the past, comparisons around the market, and economic patterns.

From the words themselves, diversity and inclusion consultants aim to guide companies in building diverse and inclusive teams. It may seem relatively close to recruiting, but it actually goes deeper than that.

Here in NeenOpal Inc., we assess demographics, study your goals, and provide expert guidance to help your company. The diversity of our own team speaks for itself; our lineup is filled with talented individuals that can surely deliver effective results and solutions.

Just recently, our company has been recognized by Clutch for its world-class consulting services. Clutch is a reputable B2B reviews and ratings platform headquartered in Washington, DC. The site publishes data-driven reviews and market research encompassing service providers from the marketing, IT, advertising, production, and financial services industries.

According to their recent press release, NeenOpal is a top-performing diversity and inclusion consulting firm. Words aren’t enough to express how grateful we are for this amazing recognition. Here to share his

"We are thrilled to have been chosen as Top Diversity and Inclusion Consulting Firms by Clutch and share our common commitment to advance diversity and inclusion within the workplace" — Himanshu Bahmani, CEO, NeenOpal Inc.

This priceless award would not have been possible without our clients; their love and support for our company continue to fuel our drive. We are forever grateful for the countless opportunities brought by our amazing partnerships and engagements.

As a five-star reviewed agency on Clutch, we are excited to see what’s ahead for our company. This award ends our first quarter run on an excellent note; we know that the following months will be a great ride.

Written by:

Himanshu Bahmani

Founder - NeenOpal Analytics


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