Emails are special for the marketers as they have the power to create valuable personal touches to a broad audience.

Email marketing tools provide businesses with a chance to connect with the target audience in a personalized way at an affordable cost. Present-day marketers have moved away from spamming the mailbox of the audience with mass mails to focus on sharing customized, relevant engaging content. People check their emails all the time as they can be easily accessible via mobile. This presents businesses of all sizes with an opportunity to reach their target audience, in any corner of the world.

The email dashboard monitors the performance of campaigns via the email channel in increasing the conversion rate. The main goals of this are the following:

  • Evaluate the success of the current email campaigns

  • Analyze the current engagement rate of campaigns

  • To identify the top mail campaigns

  • Plan future email marketing strategy

  • To manage and understand mailing list subscription

Key Terms:
  • Return On Ad Spend or ROAS is an important marketing metric that measures the revenue earned by the business for each unit spent on advertisement.

  • Click To Open Rate or CTOR helps the business understand how many people actually viewed the mail. It is the number of clicks out of the opened emails. It does not consider all the delivered emails but only the opened ones.

Goals Questions to ask Dashboard views
Evaluate the success of the current email campaigns How is the performance of the email channel?

Does the email design and content resonate with the audience?
Email Overview

Total Emails Sent vs Total Sign Ups
Evaluate financial impact of the current campaigns

Plan future email marketing strategy
How much revenue does email campaigns generate?

Is the current cost of campaigns acceptable?
Marketing Overview

Revenue Trend
Analyze the current engagement rate of campaigns How is the user engagement with the mail? Emails Opened Vs Avg CTOR
To identify the top mail campaigns

Plan future email marketing strategy
Which campaigns are performing the best?

Which campaigns were unsubscribed by maximum users?
Campaign wise breakdown
To manage and understand mailing list subscription Has the total number of subscribers increased with time?

How many users have unsubscribed over time?
Subscriber Trend

  • The email overview outlines how well the current mail campaign has resonated with the target audience. It offers a summary of the audience interaction with the mail - how many of them opened it, how many were interested and clicked on the mail, and finally, how many signed up!

  • The marketing overview talks about the email campaigns from a revenue perspective - whether the current strategy is profitable and effective in attracting customers. By looking at ROAS, businesses can easily decide whether running these campaigns is worth the cost.

  • CTOR is important for measuring the engagement rate of subscribers. If it is lower than desired value, business should work on creating mails that appear more clickable, i.e, attractive to the subscribers.

  • The Subscriber Trend shows the reach of the business and how many users it can personally connect with. The users' list needs to be properly segmented and customized emails that are relevant to particular segments should only be sent. The unsubscribed users’ list indicates the failure of business in the previous step.


Identifying what attracted the users and what failed to catch their attention is important for designing a successful email strategy for the future. This dashboard helps the business analyze their current email marketing campaigns to draw the above insights and make data driven decisions.

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