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SaaS companies often operate on a subscription-based model. The revenue for the service comes in monthly/annually based on the subscription type that a customer has opted for. It’s very important for SaaS businesses to retain their customers as the longer customer sticks around, the more revenue company makes. If a customer churns quickly, the company loses out on the investment made to acquire that customer in the first place.

This dashboard proves to be very effective in analysing the pulse points and preferences of the customers. Keeping a regular track of new subscriptions, conversion rate and product-based revenues can help decision makers spot issues well ahead of time and take necessary actions before things get out of control.

Key Terms:
  • Upgrade – Customers who have moved up to a higher level of your product offering

  • Downgrade - Customers who have moved down to a lower level of your product offering

  • Churn – Customers who have cancelled their subscription with your product

  • Converted Trials – The percentage of your customers who upgraded from the trial version to a paid version of your service.

Goals Questions to ask Dashboard views
Grow subscription revenues

Raise overall trial conversion rate
How is your subscription-based revenue trending over time?

How is your trial conversion rate changing over time?

Which subscription model is performing better and why?
Revenue by Subscription
Breakdown Summary

Converted Trials, Visitors, Signups and Paying Customers

Revenue by Subscription

  • Analysing subscriptions by type and revenue generated from them on a month-on-month basis can give a detailed understanding of customer preferences and help devise pricing strategies for the company.

  • Visitors, Signups and Paying Customer trend helps measure the size of the audience and track their journey while they set up and use the software. The visitors can be attributed to marketing strategies, signups can be attributed to engaging user content followed by a good demo/trial software experience for a converted customer. Any dips/highs in the monthly trend can be further analysed by company executives.

  • Trials prove to be a very good way to acquire customers. Software trials give firsthand access to product features and lets customers experience its convenience for free.

  • Understanding users who never upgrade can help identify customers that may not be worth pursuing. Dedicated analysis of trials, churn, active users and more can help make informed decisions on how to best grow your subscription business.


SaaS Subscription Analysis is a great way to track efficiency of different subscription models. It can help businesses place, position and price their products optimally thus leading to massive growth in revenues.