How Data Analytics is set to revolutionize the Cannabis Industry?

How Data Analytics is set to revolutionize the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis industry is one of the emerging and promising industries. According to a research report ......


Data Analytics in Election Campaigns

Elections today are no different from a business. There are more than 50,000 elected officials in the U.S. The winner is determined by who does the best marketing, aka campaigning, before the elections......


Fashion Sales Forecasting

All you need to about Fast Fashion and Demand Forecasting.....


Store Clustering

Anticipate incremented ROI of about 3%, and its detailed statistical analysis, using our Customer-Centric optimized process of Store Clustering.....


The Future Of Retail Advertising

Retail advertising is generally divided into two parts that is local and national advertising. Local advertising is mainly used by regional store owner who have shop in a particular market or deals with a particular product to reach their customers who are residing near their store while national retail advertising is mainly used by famous brands whose product are usually available in all stores located in different areas. The main objective of retail advertising is to attract the customers and sell the product very quickly. Products which are advertised in retail ads are intended to be sold out as early as possible. Some of the important retail sectors are automotive, grocery, general merchandise, restaurants etc.....


Impact Of Automation

Automation can be defined as the formation of technology and its use for the purpose of control and monitor the production and supply of various types of goods and services with the minimal use of human beings or without the use of help of human beings. It mainly performs those works which were performed by human beings previously. It is now-a-days being used in all areas like manufacturing, transport, defence, human resource department, information technology etc.....