China 'Big' Dreams for 'Big' Data - How China will rule the world of Big Data & Analytics?

I visited China as a part of the Indian Delegation on Big Data for International Big Data Expo 2017. China is looking at Guizhou to become a centre of Big Data Revolution, the one of its kind, never seen anywhere in the world. The whole city was filled with Posters demonstrating how much importance is Chinese Government giving to Big Data. Within a few years, I can foresee Data Driving the economic growth in China. As pointed out by Mr. Rajendra S Pawar, MD of NIIT, raw materials for manufacturing are finite but data which is the building block of our future generation is infinite. After returning back to India, all I can say is that the Bits and Bytes of Data will become the raw material to bring the next generation of data revolution in China - a $150 Bn Industry which China is targeting.


Predictive Customer Lifetime Value

customer lifetime value analytics

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is an expectation of all the esteem a business will get from their whole association with a client. Since we don't know to what extent every relationship will be, we make a decent gauge and state CLV as an occasional esteem. Predictive CLV is a model the acquiring conduct of client, to construe their future activities...