How Big Data Analytics is Reshaping the Jewelry Industry

The jewelry industry has always been one that even the most tech-savvy people were not convinced could succeed online. Yet, here we are. There are tons of websites dedicated to the sale of jewelry, even precious metal ones........


How AI is Revolutionizing the World of Medicine

AI or Artificial Intelligence has been taking over quite a few sectors in the world, but none as much as healthcare and medicine. Where there was a global investment of just over a billion dollars back in 2016, it is projected to grow to nearly 30 billion in the year 2025.......


How will AI change the face of bidding In the Future

In today’s dynamic world that is ruled by demand, supply, and requirement rather than just the cost of a product, fixing the price of a product or service that is not essential or dependent entirely on the market makes no sense......


Azure Functions vs Azure Data Factory

Being one of the most sought after cloud computing services in the world, Azure created by Microsoft provides numerous services(​>600​) to choose from and flex it to cater the needs of the end user.....



Everyone of us uses computer almost on a day-to-day basis. We use it for many things – for making engaging PowerPoint Presentations, checking out emails, using spreadsheets, etc....


Customer Data Platform: Explained

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