Major Challenges Faced By Retail Outlets

The retail industry is constantly growing, In this digital world, the raising market competition and the ebbing of brand loyalty are the major challenged faced today. Even though Global retail sales were approximately 23 trillion in 2017, there have been several major retail companies across the globe that have filed for bankruptcy in the same year. But.......


How to successfully crack US Market

Do you dream of taking your company to states? As the title suggests, you are in the right place to know how to successfully crack the US Market. An event was organised by NASSCOM on 28th February 2020 with Mr.Arshad Sayyad, president and head of Fidelity (FMR) India as the keynote speaker.......


Things you need to know about Power BI

Before diving into the details of Power BI, let’s understand what Business Intelligence (BI) is in simple terms. It refers to collecting raw data from a data source, converting that raw data into meaningful structured insights to make reports and infographics for data analysis.......


The Rising Demand for Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Organisations are built on data. This is a fact which no one can deny, as without data and information a business cannot develop new products or communicate with the targeted customers. With the rise in data from the past 5 years, data management has become the most important job in an organisation. Therefore, the role of Chief Data Officer was introduced......


Key Differences between PII and Personal Data

Organizations seeking to protect the user’s data, need to understand the data that they want to safeguard. Personally Identifiable Information or PII is a very well known term in the USA and it is the information used to trace to distinguish the individual’s identity. The European Union’s GDPR applies to personal data that is a piece of information relating to an identifiable person.....


How will Quantum Computing Impact AI

In the era of internet and communication, the cloud is filled with data that is further converted into useful information. Businesses have used this data for the company's growth. There is information that is still being left unused....