We at NeenOpal follow a 4+1 step process to develop dashboards for a client. We believe that the key for creating an effective dashboard is in the methodology of the process, by following the systematic steps that we have created we can deliver that perfect dashboard to take your data-driven decisions.

Before diving into the steps we recommend clients to share sample files of their existing reports or a list of KPIs they are interested to have in dashboards ➨ This would help our team pre-read before the meeting and expedite the process.

Step 1: Requirement Gathering

Process Responsiblity
Detailed discussion on the project requirements: data source, KPIs, project duration, overall business understanding, end users, etc. Jointly
We apply our expertise and knowledge and share the integrated requirements (ones specified by business + other useful additions based on prior experience) NeenOpal
Sign off on Requirement Gathering Client

This process is expected to take 2-3 rounds of discussion to complete the requirement gathering process.

Step 2: Mock Dashboards / Wireframe Development

Process Responsiblity
Once we gather all the requirement ➨ Mock dashboard development process NeenOpal
Feedback on dashboard wireframeFeedback on dashboard wireframe Client
Incorporating feedback and other changes NeenOpal
Sign off on dashboard wireframes Client

Mock dashboards / Wireframe development process usually takes 1-2 rounds of feedback.

Step 3: Business Logic/Formula Mapping

Process Responsiblity
Once the mock dashboard is created and finalized, Discussion on KPI list to know the tables and columns to fetch the data including business logic/formulas for each. Jointly
Share compiled document for formulas/business logic NeenOpal
Sign off on formulas/logic Client
Step 4: Final Data Integrated Dashboard Development

Process Responsiblity
After formulating all the KPIs and Logics ➨ Live Dashboard Development Process NeenOpal
Provide sample excel reports for numbers checking, if available Client
Internal checking of dashboard numbers NeenOpal
1st round of number checking Client
Incorporating number mismatch feedback, if any NeenOpal

The final data integrated dashboard development process is expected to take around 1-2 rounds to complete the numbers and accuracy checking process.

Step 5: Data Warehousing / ETL Phase

This step is applicable only if data comes through a database/data warehouse (not needed for data source if flat files, excel files, google sheets, etc.)

Process Responsiblity
Walkthrough of current data infrastructure Client
Define the process of how NeenOpal team would access the data & systems on which they would do the development Jointly
Provide access/credentials for the data sources Client
Discuss options and finalize the infra / data flow Jointly
Test Connectivity NeenOpal
Ensuring data availability, sanity & standardization Client
Pull data into data warehouse and create ETL scripts that generates final dashboard input data NeenOpal
Automate the ETL process to update the data at the defined frequency (e.g. daily) NeenOpal

This process is expected to take 2-3 rounds of discussion to complete the requirement gathering process.

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