In this page, you will find the details of the custom visualization created by NeenOpal for Power BI. This visualization allows you to display data on a polar scatter plot which is not available directly as a visualization option in Power BI.

We have also added some advanced features such as option to give reversed axis, customize the formatting of inner and outer circles separately. For any support or help, please reach out to us on contact details provided at the end.

polar scatter plot
Data Fields

Category : This field contains the categories. For each (unique) category a different data point is drawn.

Measure : This field contains a numeric value which indicates how far the data point is from the center.

Color Measure : This field contains a numeric value which indicates the color of the data point.

Chart Options
Circle :

We can format different properties of the circle.

  • Color - Color inside the circle.
  • Thickness - Thickness of the border of circle.
  • Border Color - Color of border of circle.
  • Inner Circle Border Color - Color of borders of inner circles.
  • Inner Circle Thickness - Thickness of borders of inner circles.
  • Number of Inner Circles - Number of inner circles.
Data Points :
  • Size - Size of data points.
Label :
  • Font Size - Size of the labels.
  • Font Family - Font style of the labels.
  • Font Color - Color of the labels.
Axis :
  • Font Color - Color of the numbers in axis.
  • Minimum - Minimum Measure value.
  • Maximum - Maximum Measure value.
  • Reverse Axis - If switched on, then the center of the circle will represent Maximum and the circumference will represent Minimum.
Data Point Color :
  • Minimum Value - Minimum Color measure.
  • Minimum Color - Color assigned to Minimum Value.
  • Maximum Value - Maximum Color measure.
  • Maximum Color - Color assigned to Maximum Value.
  • Mid Color - Color assigned to average of Maximum and Minimum Value.

For any support or technical questions please reach out to

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