Success in sales isn’t something that happens by chance. Success comes when you follow a proven sales strategy and cultivate good daily habits that will help you crush your goals.

As salespeople, we all want to close sales and it all begins with fixing an appointment. Below are the few important points to fix an appointment.

• Polite and Positive
• Introduce Yourself
• Be concise/Brief
• Ask for appointment (Give 2 choices)
• Agree on a meeting Date, Time and Venue.
• Summarize the time and place for the meeting.
• Thanks

important points to fix an appointment

As sales people, we spend 19% of our time in sales meetings.It becomes even more important that when you do get that sales meeting, you nail it! So how can you fully prepare for your next sales meeting? Here are few points which can help in improving the sales meetings.

Preparation for a meeting:

• Find correct information about the company
• Study their website
• Try to reach then through common friends, anyone who might know
• Try to get their organization chart
• Who are the key decision makers? How can possibly meet them?
• Who are their competitors
• The company is making profit and is it growing or not?
• Challenges they are facing


• Prepare for your customer meetings
• Ask open-ended questions
• Listen
• Find customer needs
• Get customer accept
• Always book the next meeting.

A customer need is a motive that prompts a customer to buy a product or service. Ultimately, the need is the driver of the customer's purchase decision. Companies often look at the customer need as an opportunity to resolve or contribute surplus value back to the original motive.

How to learn about customer needs:

• Stand in your customer shoes.
• Staple yourself to a customer’s order.
• Learn together with customers.
• Lean forward and anticipate.

Hidden Needs:

• Customer has no knowledge
• Individual or special needs
• Perception


There are a lot of skills one can work on as a salesperson—mastering cold calls, writing the perfect prospecting email, asking for referrals, and more. Finally, remember to schedule a clear next step after every selling interaction. So before your next sales meeting, take the time to understand the challenges your prospect has, practice your sales pitch with colleagues, get a good night’s rest the night before and carefully plan out the route you will take in order to arrive early and on time.