As a result, most of us need to know how to use computers. Our knowledge of computers will help us to tap into challenging career opportunities and enhance the quality of our lives. It is imperative that quality students be encouraged and motivated to study computers and become capable and responsible IT professionals. The education model needs to align itself with dynamically changing technology to meet the growing need for skilled IT manpower and deliver state-of-the-art, industry relevant and technology ready programs.​

New Mothers

Remote works and flexible schedules help you to be a working - new mother.

Career Break

Resume your career with us after a break - without any questions asked.

Career Switch

Choose passion, choose analytics. Huge scope for career enhancement.

Women in Analytics

Doesn’t matter if you don’t fit through the above criteria, if you like analytics, join us!

  • Increase revenue, Decrease Costs

    Analytics pays back more than ten times the amount spent; by increasing revenues, decreasing costs or both. Tremendous opportunity to enhance Quality of Decision Making by using Analytics, since minor improvements in accuracy can translate into millions.

  • Improved Decision Making

    Business Intelligence is needed to run the business while Business Analytics is needed to change the business. BI improves your decision-making based on past results, while predictive analytics helps in decision making based on future trends.

  • Increased Competitive Advantage

    Its a known fact that Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are going to change the future. Analytics can serve as a strategic point of differentiation from the competitors and growing the market share.

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