Women in Tech

A platform for tech-women to relaunch their careers after a break,
recent motherhood, or career switch.

Firing up the potential of technology-oriented women willing to come out of their career hiatus, or just willing to have a career switch.

Flexibility. Freedom. Focus.

With this program, we welcome women to start or restart their careers in consultancy and data analytics. It's a one of a kind career referral program for women where we cradle your growth.

New Mothers

Remote works and flexible schedules help you to be a working - new mother.

Career Break

Resume your career with us after a break - without any questions asked

Career Switch

Choose passion, choose analytics. Huge scope for career enhancement.

Women in Analytics

Doesn’t matter if you don’t fit through the above criteria, if you like analytics, join us!

Inviting women from all walks of life, and every stratum of the society to follow their passion for analytics and gain ample opportunities to learn, grow and thrive.

What’s in it for you?

In return, just bring a lot of willpower to learn and grow.

Swati Gairola

New Mother | HRBP

Being a mother is the greatest blessing in life, but being a new mother and juggling between house and work is extremely challenging. However, if you work in an organization that values your personal life as much as your professional life, it becomes much easier to manage both in hassle free manner. I was quite nervous before starting my work after maternity break but NeenOpal has always understood my priorities and given me enough space and time to work and also to balance my personal & professional life. NeenOpal is the most employee-centric organization because of its flexible working hours, work from home option, career growth opportunities and cooperative team members. Simply because of understanding work environment i am enjoying my motherhood without compromising on my career and this make me feel accomplished. My deepest gratitude to the NeenOpal team to make this happen.

Palak Maheshwary

Women in Analytics | Senior Associate

Before I joined NeenOpal, I was transitioning from a core engineering field to data science. In the last two years, I feel like I have learnt so much from the very talented team here. Right from technical skills to project management, there has been no dearth of guidance and support. Everyone is treated equally and given equal opportunities to excel. Everyday is a new learning and its always exciting to come to work. What I like most is the diversity in the kind of work we do. We deal with projects across varied sectors which has particularly made my journey very enriching at NeenOpal.

Kiruthiga Gayathri

Career Switch | Salesforce Functional Consultant

Be what you want to be.. NeenOpal is the place that has allowed me explore opportunities, take risks, prove myself. Looking back at my growth at NeenOpal, I joined as a data scientist, and within months, a complicated project came up for Salesforce and I chose to take it owing to prove myself. The management allowed it, and voila, here I am, a Salesforce functional consultant. And, being a mother of two, NeenOpal has always understood my priorities, and allowed me to work accordingly and helped balance my work and personal life. At NeenOpal, your opinion always matters! For a person who loves to explore opportunities and upscale your potential, NeenOpal is the destination. NeenOpal is a people-centric place, where each one of us shine independently and as a team!

Devika Hari

Women in Analytics | Senior Associate Consultant

I started my journey at NeenOpal as an intern and was amazed by the work culture here. It feels like every employee here is made from the same mold! We do our best to explore anything new in the industry and master it, irrespective of seniority, background, or gender! I got to care for my first project like my baby, calling all the shots for it! Yes, I had people handhold me through new domains, helping me out each time when I got stuck. That's an important part of NeenOpal's work culture! Today, I am here as a Senior Associate, happily growing together with NeenOpal!”

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