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Tell your data story your way

Bring your data to life with stunning, interactive data visualizations tailored to your organization and industry.


We provide end-to-end BI solutions from data management to creating visual reports.

Understand the key insights most valuable to you

During detailed requirement gathering discussions, we gauge the main KPIs, the stakeholders and the data sources that will be used to power this report. We then create a wireframe that visualizes the same and allows for further discussion.

Business Intelligence Analytics
Business Intelligence Analytics

Consolidate and create compatible data sources

We consolidate your data from multiple data sources into a centralized data lake and data warehouse, which can then be used as a foundation to automate your reporting and develop advanced analytics capabilities.

Build stunning user-friendly dashboards

Once we have the sign-off on the business logic and formulas we integrate the live data with the dashboard and conduct an internal UAT. We focus on the aesthetics as well as data accuracy, consistency and security.

Business Intelligence Analytics

Why Implement a BI Solution?

Undertake comprehensive analysis & Faster Decision Making

Flexible real-time reporting

Generate insightful reports that would be based on your data warehouse. Real time updation of data will result in real time updation of reports.

Provide instant insight

With real time reports, take instant information backed decisions that would help you to take appropriate action on issues.

Recognize trends & anticipate future risks

With the reports, you can decipher trends in your business that would help you have better forecasts, and hence you will be better prepared for future.

Understand the impact of changes

Any changes or decisions that you make in your business, would bring about impacts, with our reports and forecasts, you can know the impact of your decisions.

Types of Analytics

An efficient Business Intelligence report addresses the what, how, why, and what next, to gain actionable
insights that inform current decisions.

Descriptive Analytics

The answer to the ‘what’ of a company, Descriptive Analytics show the overall performance of a company. Business Intelligence solutions can be started from descriptive analytics as reports and dashboards can be built easily from the available data.

Diagnostic Analytics

As the word suggests, diagnostic analytics focuses on the problem and helps to dive deeper into ‘why’ a situation occured. It will allow businesses to understand the deeprooted problems and hence take better decisions to avoid these problems.

Predictive Analytics

Forecasting is the most important aspect of business analytics. Today, it is used extensively to provide clearer insights to what a company must expect going forward in the future. With predictive analytics, the business heads can be better prepared for the future.

Prescriptive Analytics

The final pillar of business analytics, Prescriptive analytics is the aspect that will guide a business towards specific actions they need to take.It combines insights from all the other three types of analytics and drives a business towards the right course of action.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve worked with a variety of projects and have delivered it all to our very best.


Experience handling big data analytics for several clients and exceptional technological capabilities.


Expertise of incredible minds possessing great problem solving skills and technological prowess.


Effective practices for data privacy protection adhering to industry standards while providing exquisite services.


Expansive library of 500+ dashboards that we have created for our clients across industries and domains.


Our team of professionals at NeenOpal use a wide range of design, development & storage tools and platforms.

Case Study

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Data analytics is changing the way Ecommerce companies operate and work. Data is available for each and every move a customer takes from the time he browses a product to the time he provides feedback. This is both good and bad! The huge volume of data can be a challenge because determining what is important from it can be time-consuming. However, processing and analyzing it the right way could bring out insights that will help the company stay ahead...

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Saas Dashboard Playbook

Software as a Service or SaaS dashboard is a powerful business tool that can provide a quick snapshot into the health of your business. Right from reducing churn to increasing customer engagement and finally revenue growth, ambitious businesses can analyse all touch points in no time through the dashboards. In the last decade, SaaS market has experienced tremendous growth and...

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