AWS Well-Architected Review

AWS Well-Architected Review

The Well-Architected Framework was developed by AWS to help cloud architects design and continually improve secure, high-performing, resilient, and cost-optimized infrastructure for their applications.


The Well-Architected Framework increases velocity of digital innovation, lower capital expenditures, uses state of the art infrastructure, and the ability to achieve a global scale in minutes. It’s one thing to move your workload into the cloud, but it’s another story to ensure that it is optimized. Get the full-benefit of being on the cloud with an Innovative Well-Architected Review.

The AWS Well-Architected Framework is built on these 6 pillars:


Evaluate your organization’s processes and procedures against design principles and best practices and identify areas for improvement to support development, the running of workloads, and delivering business value.


Protect data, systems, and assets by considering aspects of your organization, like the people and processes. Take advantage of cloud technologies by enabling traceability, automation, encryption, access control, and more.

Cost Optimization

Manage your costs and get the highest business value for the lowest possible spend. This pillar includes the use of cost-effective resources, matching supply with demand, deploying cloud financial management, and measuring total efficiency.

Performance Efficiency

Performance efficiency focuses on the efficient use of IT and computing resources to fulfill system and business needs. It includes ensuring maximum efficiency for users as demands and requirements change.


Focuses on your ability to recover quickly from issues and failures with minimal or zero downtime for your users. We help you identify potential failures and how to prevent them and set up recovery planning to minimize the impact on your system’s reliability.


The sustainability pillar is a continuous effort to minimize the cloud’s environmental impact, including energy reduction and efficiency. It involves achieving the maximum benefit with the minimum resources required.

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It is a simple 3-step process to get your Well-Architected Review. Once the review is done, we will also work collaboratively to create a prioritized plan to remediate the critical findings.

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